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If you would like to have a visible counter on your web site that measures the amount of traffic your web site receives, we offer a free counter that you can use.

What does the counter look like?
An example of the counter in action:

What html code do I put in my web page?
The html code for the counter is: <IMG BORDER=0 SRC="/cgi-bin/c2countit.cgi?userID">
In the code, replace the word "userID" with your actual hosting account userID.

How do I setup multiple counters in my web site?
To have multiple counters just add _1, _2, _3, etc. to your username.
For example: <IMG BORDER=0 SRC="/cgi-bin/c2countit.cgi?testco_1">

How do I set the counter to a particular starting value?
You cannot, this counter does not support that option.