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Full documentation for FormMail is located here.

What is the FormMail script?
FormMail allows for the results of any form to be sent to a specified user. This script has many formatting and operational options, most of which can be specified through the form, meaning you don't need any programming knowledge or multiple scripts for multiple forms. This also makes FormMail the perfect system-wide solution for allowing users form-based user feedback capabilities without the risks of allowing freedom of CGI access.

What is the FormMail Installer?
The FormMail Installer is located in your Control Panel and allows you create custom mailto forms within an HTML page. The form uses a script that is placed into your /cgi-local directory. After you have created the generic form page, you can easily customize the look of the page to match the rest of your site.

What is a required field?
A required field must be filled out by the person using the form or the script will reject the submission.

Does FormMail work with my email autoresponder?
FormMail is currently not compatible with the autoresponder that is available with your email account.

I keep getting the error "Error: No Recipient".
You are missing your recipient field. This field allows you to specify to whom the form results are to be mailed. Configure this option as a hidden form field with a value equal to that of your email address. Here is the syntax:

<input type=hidden name="recipient" value="[email protected]">

Can the contents of the form submission be sent to more than one email address?
Yes. You can put in additional addresses, separated by commas, in the appropriate field when you install the formmail script, or you can edit the hidden field in the HTML if the page has already been generated.

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=recipient VALUE="[email protected], [email protected]">

How do I edit a form page?

Edit the subject:
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=subject VALUE="Add Subject Here">

Change thank you page:
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=redirect VALUE="">

Change required fields:
**The field names that you put in the required VALUE attribute must match the names of your form inputs.
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=required VALUE="contact,address,">

Do I use the formmail installer for my Shopping Cart orderform?
No, you do not. The shopping cart installer will install a demo form specifically for your cart. This file will be in your shopping cart directory and has different code and different variables associated with it.

How do I configure the script to work with the secure server?
Change this line in (located at /CGI-local/

@referers = ('', '');

to have the secure server's name in it, like this:
@referers = ('', '', '');

You need to use a text editor to edit Make sure you download and upload in ASCII mode via FTP.

If you are not on server www1, change www1 to the name of the web server your web site is hosted on. You would then call your form securely like this:

YOUR_USERID would be your DotXtra! UserID. Make sure you use the correct secure server to reference your site. You also should change the form's action to a secure action. For example change:

<form action="/CGI-local/"


<form action=""