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Beginner's Guide

  • Establish an active connection to the Internet.

  • Launch the Frontpage Explorer.

  • From the File menu, choose Open.

  • Select the Web you wish to publish, and click Open. The web will open.

  • From the File menu, choose Publish Frontpage Web.

  • In the Publish Frontpage Web dialog box, click More Webs.

  • Enter the following location: replacing "" with the actual name of your domain name.

  • Click Okay. The Web Publishing Wizard will appear.

  • Leave the FTP Server Name box blank.

  • Leave the Directory To Publish blank unless your prefer to publish the web site to a specific directory on the server.

  • Click Next.

  • In User Name type your DotXtra! account userID

  • In Password, type your DotXtra! account password.

  • Click OK. Frontpage's FTP feature will now upload your files. The upload status will appear in the lower left corner.

  • In a few seconds your Web page will appear on our Web Server. Your web page will be viewable on the web at:, replacing "yourdomain" with your actual domain name.

  • The next time you publish, you may choose the option to upload only changed pages and the upload time will be shorter.