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Transferring a domain registered with Network Solutions

Here are a few tips that will assist you in the transfer of your domain name to our servers.

It is advisable to keep your previous hosting account active while trying to transfer your domain. This way you can reduce web site down time and loss of emails if there are any problems with your transfer. Domain transfers are generally completed within 24-48 hours.

The Domain Transfer Process

When you sign up your web hosting account with Net//works!, we will automatically send out an email to Network Solutions requesting that the domain name be transferred to our servers.

Network Solutions will then email the administrative contact for the domain name asking them to authorize the domain name transfer. If the email address is a functioning email address, they need to respond to the email according to the given instructions and Network Solutions will modify your domain name's DNS information.

If the administrative contact email address is no longer valid, you can still transfer the domain using a faxed authorization. For the faxed authorization you will need to sign up the domain name in order to generate a NIC tracking number with Network Solutions. Next file a technical support request in your Control Panel to notify us that the administrative email address is no longer valid. We will then forward instructionsto you on what to include in your fax to Network Solutions.

To check the administrative contact email for your domain name, search the Whois database.

Transferring a domain not registered with Network Solutions

If you have registered your domain name with a domain registrar other than Network Solutions, you will need to change your domain name's DNS information to transfer the domain name to our servers.

At the time that you purchased the domain name you should have been issued a UserID and password from your registrar. With this information, return to your registrar's web site and look for a link that will let you modify or manage your account.

Once you have logged into your account, look for a link that will let you edit or change your DNS information. You will change your DNS information to reflect our primary and secondary servers information.

If you are not sure which company your domain name is registered with, search for your domain name in the Whois database.