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Two tools are available for measuring the traffic to your web site: Analog or Webalizer.

About Analog Web Statistics
Analog is a text-based logs analyzer, and gives very detailed information. Click for more information about Analog Statistics.

About Webalizer Web Statistics
Webalizer is another detailed analyzer, but it uses graphical charts to display the information about your usage statistics. Webalizer also does reverse DNS lookups on the visitors to your website giving your information about what countries they came from. Click for more information about Webalizer Statistics.

General Information
Please note that if your access_log and uncompressed access_log_MO_YYYY.gz files exceeds a total of 50 megabytes, the statistics program you are using will not work. You can use FTP to view the size of the access_log which is in your /logs directory and you can uncompress the .gz file with Winzip (or any other unzipping software that will work with .gz files) to find out the size of the access_log_MO_YYYY.gz file. If these combined files exceed 50 megabytes, you can either download the log file to your computer and run a stats program such as Webtrends, or you can delete the file in the middle of the month to keep the stats running.